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Hope you all are having a lovely day?😊

without taking much of your time, am just going to be brief about my outfit.

I do Love Velvet dresses and I know most Ladies love it too. If you go through some of my blog post, you would see a blog post too, in the Fashion Category where i blogged about a wine velvet dress. There’s this thing about Velvet material, its very classy and it  makes you look chic!💕

In the pictures below you can see how gorgeous it makes me look. I love every details on this dress and I would give a description about it below . So basically Velvet outfits generally could be your to go outfit on any occasion. you could wear it to a party, birthday, or dinner, just name it!

What caught my attention about this outfit was the Color ! I never had any color like this and then the details on the hand, the ruffles on the hand of this dress is  soo very attractive. Then i just knew i couldn’t let this go. Also the Plunged V- Neck and  V like shape details which reveals my knees is everything!

The material is quite stretchy,the fabric is viscose with a bit of spandex to give you some stretch, and i like the way this dress forms to my body, it makes it elegant and very pretty. I love it!

When shopping for any outfit paying attention to details is very important . you should know what fits you before getting any outfit whatsoever. so my conclusion, Stay classy , stay chic, pair your outfits nicely and keep glowing!

Thanks For Visiting and Let me know what you think about Velvet Dresses!


Collection-  Dinner, Birthday…

Fabric-  Viscose.

Silhouettes-  V shape.

Neckline- Plunge V shape.

Length- Knee Length.

Style- Sexy with ruffled details .

Dress-  Fashion Nova.

Shoes-  Charlotte Russe.

Choker- Charlotte Russe.

Have a Lovely Day!😍😍😍

Thanks for Visiting.


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