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They Never Really go out of style  do they? This season Stripes were literally Everywhere, especially in Multi Colors.  I  Love trying out new outfits and honestly have never had any wide leg jumpsuits. This outfit was motivated by my sister, She got a Particular Wide Leg Jumpsuit from FOREVER 21 and it looked sooo Gorgeous on her. She actually got a lot of complements from people.  💕

On  today’s Blog Post, am putting on a Wide leg culotte jumpsuit. jumpsuits are an ideal fit for  women. just look for something that looks  perfectly on you. In order to do this you have to be aware of your body type and try something that brings out your shape and gives you balance ❤️😊. I Love every details on this jumpsuit. The plunge V neck,the belt on the waist line and ooh yes the stripes!!!😍

They are various suits to try on , Regular V or plunge V- Necklines, steal the attention, so pay details to such Necklines. You can pair them with pumps or stilettos to amp up your style . Also accessories are quite necessary but it depends on which one blends with your outfit. 

Well, I decided to try mine out and I know it looks so good on me! lol . I will be trying more of this style often, Its new to me because honestly have always ignored this type of Jumpsuits. Have always found them not so attractive until recently. So Guess what guys?  Am Loving it!So what do i actually think about Jumpsuits?  


  • They are Chic, Classy and Sophisticated.
  • Easy to wear .
  • It fits absolutely all body types.
  • It can be be worn to any occasion, work, events , dinner, birthday parties, Cocktail parties and so on, just name it!
  • Easy to Style.   
  • Comfortable and Stylish.           


  • Sleeveless jumpsuit.
  • Strapless Denim Jumpsuit.
  • Wide Legged Jumpsuit.
  • Printed Jumpsuit.
  • Printed Baggy Jumpsuit.
  • Culotte Jumpsuit.
  • Regular Jumpsuit.


Jumpsuit ; ARDENE.

Necklace;  H&M.

Shoes;      Forever 21.

Silhouette;  Regular.

Neckline;   Plunge V- neck pattern.

Material;  Striped /Linen Decoration.

Let me know what Y’all think about my jumpsuits and Jumpsuits in General.

which do u prefer, jumpsuit or Dresses?



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