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Hope Y’all are Enjoying the Holidays?

I’m Back and hopefully I don’t disappear on Y’all soon again lol.  Unfortunately Somethings take priority over the Blog. Have Been Home  Having a very nice time with my family and I really enjoyed myself, Plus  I didn’t want to put up a crappy blog post, just to post something …😊

Well am Back and guess what? Am getting obsessed with Bodysuits. Recently i had to shop for few bodysuits,  Am not really the Bodysuit type of person, Literally they match with so many things, but can be frustrating when you need to use the bathroom and another thing is, you literally have to avoid bra when  wearing them or rather go strapless with your bra lol.. just like mine in the Pictures below …

Bodysuits are actually really nice outfit, Basically they pair well with most outfits, all you have to do is switch between pants or shorts. 

They are one piece garment, similar to a one- piece bathing suit. They come in different range of styles, some are off shoulder,long sleeve, spaghetti strap ,backless and so on … They are so perfect for tucking in on any bottoms of your choice.

  1. Bodysuits can be worn with skirts and shorts, jeans, pants and any Bottoms, just like mine in the pictures, am wearing a high waist shorts with my bodysuit. styling a bodysuit can range from professional to casual, glam and sexy.
  2. Just in case you going casual with your bodysuit,  tank top bodysuit would look great when paired with denim shorts, pants, distressed jeans or joggers and these would look nice with some sneakers.
  3.  For professional outfit or office wear they could serve as layers under Jackets and Blazers, to make it work- appropriate.
  4. Bodysuits can function as a Lingerie, which creates a sexy layer to be worn under low cut tops , although you can wear bodysuits just like that, it depends on how stylish you want it.
  5. Also Bodysuits paired with jeans are great for heading to a bar or club
  6. Bodysuits can be worn with high -waisted jeans effortlessly.
  7. pair a choker with a deep v-neck body suit or a necklace just like mine, and sometimes you can wear a silk neck scarf with your v-neck bodysuit for more stylish look.
  • Thanks for visiting Shona Tara. I hope this was really helpful. Below are some Descriptions…

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    Enjoy the rest of your week.


    Bodysuit- Fashion Nova.

    Shorts- H&M.

    Shoes- Fashion Nova.

    Necklace- H&M

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