Hi Lovelies….❤️❤️❤️

Welcome to Shona Tara.

Hope y’all are having a nice holiday?

 Despite a crappy past few weeks, I am feeling better and excited, about because am home 🏡 , It feels so good to be back here after a while. Blogging is not so easy as you think, some days you feel like and some days you really don’t want to do anything at all .. Lol,  I guess everyone has their Lazy days!  But really I still have to do this, its something I enjoy doing, especially when am less busy.  Okay lets not waste much of your time .. ooh am glad to be home too🤗.

Trench Coats are loved by many Women, Especially during the colder months such as winter, they vary differently, depending on the weather. But  However they can still be worn during summer, fall  and spring months. The difference  comes in with the way the trench coat is worn to Match each weather. Like i said Earlier, there are specific trench coats for each weather.

Now onto my Outfit, I love a style challenge and i love trying out a lot of outfits. Have never bought a Trench coat for myself,  and for some reason I have a total mental block with styling them. This was given to me by my Best friend and  finally,  I decided to try it out.  

A Trench Coat can also be worn as a dress on its own, to get mileage with only one piece, this helps you not to overheat and yet still look elegant.

They can also be worn over a gown, and other amazing ways to wear a trench coat during summer and spring include wearing it over a short skirt, beautiful shots, skinny jeans, short flowery dress or over leggings that fit perfectly well.

Trench Coats, come in different varieties of Colors but i think the most suitable colors for  spring and summer include Blue,  Soft pink, light moss green or olive green just like mine in the pictures. But really Guys, don’t go looking funny while styled in a Trench Coat. When you choose the colorful coats, You should go easy on the rest of the Outfit and accessories , just like mine in the pictures. Blend your colors well!!

Just so you know, some outfits are color specific, and i think this is a light moss green /Olive green trench coat in color, so yea! I knew no color would match perfectly well with this coat, other than BLACK.  So yes,  I decided to spice things up and paired with black turtle neck top, and black pants…. And of course I paired with nude booties.  

After shooting a few looks , I was convinced it looks good on me, and i would try more of this looks often.   My Trench Coat  was a gift and i just couldn’t wait to see how it would look so perfect on me. Y’all Should try it out too if you haven’t. 

I really love my looks, Do you? Let me know if you do……and Let me know what you think about Trench Coats and  my outfit in general…..


Turtle neck Top ; Forever 21.

 Ripped Pants; Fashion Nova.

Booties; Fashion Nova.

Glasses; Fashion Nova.

Coat;  A gift from my Friend. 


Have a great weekend !!

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