Hi Lovelies…..

Welcome to Shona Tara.πŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œ

Hope y’all are having a nice Holiday?…….. Well I am!

Okay… it’s been a while i actually wrote on a blog post, Have been posting randomly and i actually enjoy doing that… Not to waste much of your time, am just going to write briefly about my Outfit…

So this pictures were actually taken a day to my birthday, and have been thinking, because I had a difficult time deciding if I should blog about it or not, and also because i didn’t take much pictures of My Outfit! The weather was a Mess that day!

This is an Off Shoulder Dress (Cruise Control Dress) From Fashion Nova, Mauve in colorΒ  And its so Lovely. I love Every Details on the Dress and particularly the Neck Line. It fits so Perfectly on my Body… It is Gorgeous!! And am Loving The Mauve Color.😍

Off the Shoulder Dresses are one of the most popular style Trend. This Shoulder Exposing look is so comfortable, classy , extremely Versatile, chic and Sexy in an effortless way.Β  The Off the shoulder look is Both effortless and sexy, andΒ  you could wear most of them without accessories. It is Perfect for any occasion( Dinner,Birthday and so much more) also this silhouetteΒ  can be worn both day or night.

While wearing Your Off the shoulder Dress, Don’t forget to take note of Your Bra. Its Better to wear a Strapless bra, than no bra at all. Just In case You really Dont know how to go about this, visit my previous blog post ( HOW TO WEAR A BACKLESS DRESS) On this particular blog post, i wrote about different bra’s and how to use them with your dresses. You don’t want to dress all gorgeous and have the whole world staring at your bra Strap!πŸ˜€

I had so much Fun Shooting this, and i wish i took more pictures .Β  But still, I hope you love my Outfit and don’t forget to tell me what you Think….


Shoes; Charlotte Russe.

Collection; Dinner/Birthday dresses.Β 

Fabric; Cotton Lycra Knit Fabric.

Silhouette; Inverted Triangle.

Color; Mauve.

Length; Knee Length.

Style; Sexy.Β 

Shoes; Charlotte Russe.

Thanks for Visiting Shona Tara.

Have a Lovely Week!

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