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Tights and Leggings are a must-have in Your  Wardrobe For WINTER.

They have Become So Popular that I see almost all ladies wear it Everyday in Different Patterns. Lol, Me as a Person I cant do without wearing it because i mostly have long Sweater’s in my wardrobe and pairing  it with a tight looks so good! 


In the Pictures Above, Am Wearing a Combination of the Both, (A tight and a  patterned leggings. Have been having that addiction of late, and i dress to class almost everyday with Leggings. In order to look good, you can pair them up with sneakers and sweatshirts, it all depends on your preference. you can get different Designs, colorful and printed tights in the market or in  malls, but i got my Fish net from Fashion Nova, They have different patterns too.


Well sometimes if you think  it’s hard to dress all cute in Winter, you are not the only one Lol. But winter Style doesn’t mean dressing like a Marshmallow. With a few Winter  Fashion tips, you can stay warm and stylish at the same time. As a lady you need to add certain items to your wardrobe to look good, you need to spend time and choose what suits you the most.


You can wear clothes like tights and a long shirt with a sweater, Long coat with jeans , a Leather Jacket with Leggings and high boots etc.


Obviously, boots have always been a part of the wardrobe every Winter. its not a new thing. Timber lands, Combat boots and High boots are very stylish and trendy. You can wear them with long socks of different colors. Leather boots are a better choice though, When wearing long boots, wear contrasting or matching colored jewelry. Accessories are the highlights of a woman’s outfit, your outfit could be simple but accessories can add charm to your outfit.  Another way to look Stunning is matching your outfit with combat Boots.


Try wearing total contrasting colors, They will make you look well dressed. go for bright colors like a red shirt and a Sweater, OR shades of Blue! Just like am Dressed in today’s BLOG POST.  You can see I have a patterned blue leggings and  a tight, High Distressed Denim Boots, a Crop Top, and a very nice  Blue Denim Jacket! I love bright colors so much especially Blue… So you see, you could still look good in winter, Just stay warm Lol.😊



Sun glasses- Fashion Nova.

crop Top- Forever 21.

Leggings-  Fish net (Fashion Nova).

Denim Jacket – Boo Hoo.

Boots- Fashion Nova.

Make up Artist- Diannebeats (Instagram)

                                        Dont forget to comment and let me know your opinion about Today’s post. Thanks For Visting Shona Tara!!

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