Hi There😍

It’s really been a while . Hope y’all are having a Lovely day. This outfit makes me miss summer! Can’t wait for another to be here. I hate winter lol!😰

I am Loving the embroidery on my high rise Shorts, I knew it had to be mine when I saw it. 😀Fashion Nova is one of the best Fashion Brand , started shopping on Fashion Nova this summer and no regrets . I love how I paired it with a tank top and it looks so nice . Yea it’s a summer inspired outfit and of course that’s why I had to make my shoot indoors . I don’t want to die of cold lol 😂😂😂 . Although I didn’t plan for this Look but there you go guys 😁.The black on Black , paired with Nude Heels , makes this outfit so attractive . You know it’s really nice to spice up your outfit with a tint of color most times… you don’t want your outfit looking all dull. 🤯This top actually looks lovely 😍. It’s a Must Have for several reasons ::*You could Toss it on a denim jacket with linen pants for a causal look . Or Rather on a denim jacket with a denim Short to make it look more uniform For an easy weekend look.But guess what 🤭.. I love the shorts more just because of the embroidery and the color. You could also pair this high rise shorts with a long sleeve turtle neck top. It’s going to look so nice … 😍 I didn’t try that yet but very soon I will😊. I love this outfit because not much Effort was needed to put it together or look so chic ,both the top and shorts matched perfectly and yea my Heels made it look more attractive!😁.

Not Accessories were really needed. I don’t really like much with my Dressing But it’s a matter of choice tho, however you want it . But most times a simple look would do ! I love keeping it simple
😊 .
It Doesn’t get More Versatile than that y’all. You know just pair nicely , to get the look you want 😊. Below are few Descriptions:


Shorts – Fashion Nova.

Top- Fashion Nova.

Heels- Fashion Nova.

Make Up Credit- Be Dazzled by Rukkie,

Photo Credit-  Volodik Khovostyk.

6 thoughts on “All Black , Everything.

  1. You are so lovely and your makeup is perfect. So sexy in that top, showing off your stunning curves. And that 4th picture is so especially amazing 😍👍😍👍😍😍. I enjoyed that very much 😘


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