Hi Lovelies ….

Welcome To Shona Tara🤗🤗.Eniola SL (1 из 1)I hope Y’all are having a wonderful week!Well have been very Busy and unable to post for a while, however I was working On More Blog Post …😊.

Eniola SL (1 из 1)-7.jpgMy Style is More Conservative, I wasn’t sure about this jumpsuit when I saw it online but I really Love the Nude Color and Suede Floral Design …The Straight Skinny Legs, Off shoulder and Cap Sleeve Makes Every Detail Awesome!!The fit is Actually Petite Friendly… lol 😂Y’all already know she’s Small 🙂, Fit wise i’m wearing a Size xtra- Small and I wish I actually Got a small size tho , it’s a little bit tight 🙄.Eniola SL (1 из 7)-2Eniola SL (1 из 1)-2I am so glad I ended up purchasing it … It’s very stylish and quite Attractive .. I love It!  On Me, you can see the well Defined Details … It reveals my Neck and Shoulders 😍… Also the Neck Has an Elasticized part , which makes it pretty fitted on me . Eniola SL (1 из 1)-3Another thing am Loving about the jumpsuit is that no brainpower Is Needed at all About how to Style or Put the Outfit Together …🙊lol..Eniola SL (4 из 7)-4Although Be very careful because the neck folds up sometimes and can be quite uncomfortable…. so you have to really make sure it’s well adjusted 👌🏾But On the Flip side, Be warned that Extra Time is needed for going to the bathroom with outfits like this😂😂.Eniola SL (5 из 7)-7I Got this From Fashion Nova ! Don’t miss out And I hope Y’all Liked Today’s Blog Post. Below Are Few Interesting Details About My Outfit…..Feel Free to Comment and Also Let Me Know Your Opinions About The Outfit…Eniola SL (1 из 1)-6Eniola SL (1 из 1)-5DESCRIPTION.

Jumpsuit- (Straight skinny Leg, Off Shoulder,Cap Sleeve,Suede Floral Design.

Collection- Dinner or any other Event.

Fabric- 92% Polyester and 8% Spandex.

Color- Nude Rose and Black.Neckline- Off Shoulder.

Style- Sexy.

Choker- Forever 21.

Sun Shades-  Fashion Nova.

Mesh Lace Up Bootie- Fashion Nova.



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